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Aliso Viejo Dentist Dr. Yavari at Aliso Park Dental is a great person and has the skills and equipment to do a plethora of different services like veneers, dentures and much more.
Aliso Park Dental
15 Mareblu #320, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
As a first time patient at Aliso Park Dental I have to say the entire experience from checking in to rescheduling my follow up appointment, I was very pleased with the staff and with the Dentist, Dr. Yavari. I live in Aliso Viejo so the office was a quick 5 minute drive and right when I walked in I was greeted by my first name. That was pretty nice and gave a personal touch even though it was my first time visiting this dental office.I'm not sure which words would describe Dr. Yavari the best but charismatic, and honest would be the first things that came to mind. I have been up-sold for procedures that cost me a lot of money that I was not prepared to pay in the past with other dentists and after doing some research, I saw a lot of reviews talking about how the dentist charged more then quoted or once getting to the office for just a regular cleaning patients ended up paying for procedures that were not covered entirely by the insurance and after they received a second or even third opinion was told that nothing was needed as far as extra dental work.

So I really was relieved to get an honest evaluation and not have to cross my fingers for an unexpected additional service.

So I'm sure there a lot of you out there that are looking for a local dentist in Aliso Viejo or surrounding areas like Mission Viejo dentists that you can trust because over a years time you could either spend thousands of dollars for procedures that were not necessary or get the straight honest truth from a dentist like Dr. Yavari,

I was fortunate to find Dr. Yavari's dental office with her friendly staff and I am optimistic that down the road I know my teeth will be in good hands.

I recommend just giving them a call and coming in for a simple consultation and I'm confident you will see my point of view and agree.I believe in word of mouth and that's what makes or breaks a dental practice or any kind of business for that matter and Aliso Park Dental will definitely get a referral from me just from the first dental visit.

Keep up the great customer service and honest business ethics and I will be a patient for life!
P.S to Dr. Yavari - thanks for the recommendations after checking my gums and making sure to floss. I have been flossing now pretty much after every meal and its awesome to be able to do these little things yourself that potentially can save you money in the future. :-)