Klotz Guitar Studio

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Klotz Guitar Studio
6237 N Lakewood Ave, Chicago, IL 60660
Eric is a fantastic teacher. Eric has been extremely helpful in helping me too see the fretboard in a more cohesive manner. Aside from his plethora of guitar-oriented knowledge, Eric has a phenomenal understanding of music theory and it's application in all sorts of situations. I have made gigantic strides in my ability to improvise, affording me a much wider variety of language and concepts to draw from while improvising. Eric has also helped me increase my chord vocabulary so profoundly that I feel comfortable camping and playing rhythm guitar in all sorts of situations. I have been studying with Eric for the better part of two years now, and I highly suggest his expertise if you strive to improve your understanding of theory, or would just like to add more language to your playing. It doesn't matter what style you play in, Eric is ready and able to lend a helping hand.